How to Safely Trim Your Dog or Cat’s Nails

NuVet Labs Reviews

When you adopted your cat or brought home your new puppy, you probably didn’t realize that you were going to be adding “pet manicurist” to your resume. However, trimming your pet’s nails is an important part of the hygiene routine for your pet, and it also helps to keep your furry family member safe. If you plan to trim your pet’s nails yourself, you need to know how to do it safely and effectively.

How to Safely Trim Your Dog or Cat’s Nails

. Choose the right pair of nail clippers. Scissor clippers work in the same way as kitchen scissors, but they are smaller and designed for your pet. Guillotine clippers secure the nail in place and use a blade to trim it quickly.

. Make sure your dog or cat feels relaxed and comfortable. Trim the nails in a space that is quiet and relaxing, and spend time massaging your pet’s paws in order to help them relax.

. Lift your pet’s paw and attempt to extend the nail from their foot. Identify the quick, or the vein that runs through the nail. You will want to trim the nail close to the quick, but it’s important to avoid clipping this vein. If you do clip the vein, it may hurt your pet and it will cause your pet to bleed significantly. In the event of an accident, be sure to apply pressure to the nail and use cornstarch to stop the bleeding if necessary.

. Trim the nails often in order to prevent your pet from injuring itself, and also to allow your pet to become accustomed to this ritual. The more often you trim your dog’s nails or your cat’s nails, the easier it will be for both of you in the future.

Your pet’s diet may have a significant impact on its ability to grow healthy, strong nails. In order to be sure that your dog or cat is getting all of the vitamins and nutrients it needs, add a pet nutritional supplement to its diet. NuVet Plus is a supplement product that comes in both canine and feline formulas.

Pet parents who want to know more information about NuVet Plus should check out the NuVet Plus reviews page. On this page they will find NuVet reviews from other customers, and they can utilize this valuable feedback as a resource while they make the decision that is right for them and for their pet. For more information, check out the NuVet Labs reviews page today.

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Tips for Taking Your Dog on a Road Trip

The only thing better than going on vacation is going on vacation with your dog. As more businesses become pet-friendly, enjoying time away with your furry family member is more practical. Not only do you get the fun of having your pup with you, you also alleviate the worry of leaving him behind at a boarding facility. A few tips make the canine-enhanced road trip better for everyone.

Planning ahead means a fun trip without surprises. If your dog equates getting in the car with visiting the dreaded veterinarian, take him on a few rides to the park or just around the block in the weeks before your road trip. He’ll be more relaxed getting in the car.

Confirm by phone that any and all hotels or other accommodations you’ll be staying at accept dogs. Speaking with someone at the destination assures that your dog meets their criteria and you’re guaranteed a pet-friendly room. Also research any emergency vet facilities nearby.

Practice giving a cue to your dog when he eliminates on walks or when you’re out playing. By saying something like “Time to potty!” whenever he’s about to go, he’ll start to associate those words with relieving himself. Then, when you’re on your trip, you can use the cue to keep him from eliminating at inappropriate times or places. If your dog has an incontinence issue, staying at hotels may pose an obstacle. Consider adding a nutritional supplement like NuVet Plus to your dog’s diet. Many NuVet Plus reviews describe dogs whose bladder problems went away after just days or weeks on the supplement. Visit the NuVet reviews page to find out if NuVet Plus is right for your pet.

Pack Well
A crate, harness or travel seat for your dog is a must any time he’s in the car, but especially on a long trip. He’s less likely to distract you by moving around and more likely to stay safe should you stop suddenly.

Bring along an engaging toy like a stuffed Kong to keep him occupied during the drive. A favourite blanket and toy will help him feel at home in the unfamiliar hotel. Pack his food and water bowls, along with enough water for the ride and his favourite food. Don’t forget his leash.

Always travel with your dog’s medical and vaccination records, as well as the contact information for his vet. Pack any medications or supplements like NuVet Plus that your dog takes regularly.

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Why Dogs Like Things That Smell

Why Dogs Like Things That Smell

If you have been a dog parent for any length of time, you’ve probably experienced a mishap with your dog’s sense of smell. Dogs love things that smell, and they especially love things that smell unpleasant to their human parents. And when they find something that they really, really want to smell, they will stop, drop and roll in the delicious scent. This usually takes the form of a dead animal, manure or garbage, and it inevitably happens just after they’ve had a nice bath in a fragrant shampoo. So, why do dogs love smelly stuff?


Our domesticated pooches are descendants of wild dogs. Though they have become pets, some of their natural instincts remain with them. A major reason dogs love to find the most odorous things and then smother their fur with these noxious smells is to help them hide. One of our biggest NuVet fans, Kya, enjoys rolling in deer feces at home. Like her Siberian Husky ancestors, she uses this tactic to help mask her doggie scent and keep the local coyotes off her trail. Unlike her forefathers, however, Kya has human parents to protect her when she’s out in the big, scary backyard. If your dog is like Kya, he probably is attempting the same maneuver. While it’s frustrating, he really can’t help it; training is key to stopping this behavior.

Calling Cards

Even the best-trained dogs generally can’t take a walk without stopping to sniff every blade of grass on the excursion. This stopping and starting can be frustrating for the human on the other end of the leash, but it serves a purpose for your fluffy friend. When your dog stops to smell every place that another dog has been, it serves as a sort of calling card. The different smells of urine and feces can tell your dog what kind of animal was there before, and whether it is friend or foe. And let’s face it, sometimes dogs just like to stop and smell the roses and everything else. So, while humans may think these smells are disgusting, our dogs aren’t just being cantankerous when they stop to smell defiled grass, or worse yet, lay down and roll around in it. Your pooch is on a mission.

Studies have shown that dogs can’t see as well as humans, but their sense of smell is highly sensitive. Dogs have been known to sniff out cancers and other illnesses. The military trusts the noses of dogs to sniff out bombs and keep our troops safe in combat environments. It is important to keep your dog in good health so his sense of smell stays sharp. You can do this by keeping up on his regular vet visits and vaccines. A high-quality diet accompanied by a human-grade supplement is also essential. NuVet Plus is one of the most trusted dietary supplements for dogs, and can keep all of your dog’s senses functioning properly. For more information on NuVet Plus, including NuVet Reviews and NuVet Labs Reviews, visit us online. You can also place an order for the right supplement to meet your dog’s needs and keep him happy and healthy for that next roll in the cat’s litter box.

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What Could be Causing Your Dog’s Excessive Shedding


Anyone who has a dog knows that shedding is part of the relationship. A normal process that rids your dog of damaged or old hair, shedding usually requires little more maintenance than a vacuum here and there. But excessive shedding can leave you, your belongings and your home covered in a layer of fur that’s both unattractive and time-consuming to clean. Knowing why your dog is shedding excessively can help you combat the problem.

1. Breed

Your dog may shed heavily simply because of his breed. If you had a short-haired Maltese that barely shed and then got a retriever expecting the same amount of hair loss, you’d be sorely disappointed. Some breeds have double coats to keep them warm in the colder climates they were initially bred for, including Huskies, German Shepherds and Bernese Mountain Dogs. The inner coat keeps them warm in the winter months and they shed it during warmer seasons. Even dogs with single coats will shed more in the hotter months.

2. Nutrition

Even a low-shedding breed may display excessive hair loss if his diet lacks important nutrients. NuVet Reviews showcase several stories of rescued dogs that were malnourished, resulting in extreme hair loss among other issues. A good diet and a supplement like NuVet Plus improved the dogs’ coats and overall well-being. Even seemingly healthy dogs may benefit from the added nutrients, as one NuVet Plus reviewer relates about his Boston terrier’s decreased shedding.

3. Stress

Yes, your dog can experience stress too. You may notice an excess of hair left behind in the vet’s office after a visit. That’s a short-term example of heavy shedding, but longer, more serious cases may arise from ongoing stress. If you’ve noticed a higher amount of fur around your home, consider any recent changes within your household. Did you move? Did someone move out? Did you lose someone close to you? Is there discord in the home? All of these circumstances could stress out your dog and lead to excessive hair loss.

4. Allergies and Illness

Another serious cause of heavy shedding is a medical condition. Food or environmental allergies can benefit from supplements like NuVet Plus, resulting in less itching and irritation that causes hair loss. Infections, immune system issues and even cancer can sometimes be the culprit. Always check with your veterinarian if the shedding is causing concern.

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Dog Limping? 10 Things That Could Be the Cause

Dog Limping

One of the attributes people often love about their dogs is that they don’t talk back. Unfortunately, that trait also prevents them from communicating pain and discomfort. If your dog is limping, there are several possible causes to investigate so you can ease his silent suffering.

1. Check your dog’s paws for cuts, burns or items stuck like a thorn or piece of metal. Most paw injuries will heal on their own if your dog rests the leg, but you should see your vet for serious cuts and burns. Help fight against infection with a natural supplement like NuVet Plus.

2. Genetic diseases like hip and elbow dysplasia cause limping or lameness in dogs of all ages. Many NuVet Reviews highlight the supplement’s benefits in dogs with these conditions, often found in larger breeds.

3. Older dogs may develop arthritis, another disease that NuVet Plus Reviews and NuJoint Plus reviews detail success with. Years of wear on joints leads to this degenerative condition in dogs. If your dog is older and his limp is persistent, canine arthritis might be the culprit.

4. Panosteitis (known as “pano”) is a condition in younger dogs that literally results in growing pains. Inflammation of the long bones occurs and often causes limping in multiple legs. Although the problem will alleviate when your dog reaches adult size, your vet may prescribe medication to manage the pain.

5. If you find or recently discovered a tick on your dog, have him tested for Lyme disease. Ticks are known to spread Lyme, which can cause lameness.

6. Any dog may have a luxating patella, or a “trick knee,” where the kneecap slips out of place. Adult dogs may suffer inflammation of the knee, known as cruciate ligament disease.

7. Short-legged breeds like Cairn Terriers or Dachshunds are prone to intervertebral disc disease, a spinal condition where discs slip out of place, causing lameness.

8. A break or dislocation is likely if your dog refuses to put any pressure on a leg or if he holds it at an unusual angle. Swelling and extreme sensitivity (which may cause your dog to snap at you if you try to touch the area) can also indicate a break.

9. Osteochondritis dissecans is a joint abnormality most commonly found in the shoulder, but also in the hip, knee or elbow. It can cause a mild limp or severe lameness.

10. Cancerous tumors anywhere on a dog’s leg or paw can cause a limp.

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The Best Foods for Dogs with Diabetes

Diabetes is a very real concern for many dogs and their owners. If your dog shows symptoms of being diabetic, such as increased thirst and weight gain, you should first make an appointment with his veterinarian for a proper diagnosis. If your dog is determined to have diabetes, his vet may prescribe medication to help regulate his insulin levels. Just like with humans, a dog must be on the proper diet to help control his diabetes. If you are looking to switch your dog’s food to a diabetic-friendly choice, the following information may be of assistance.

NuVet ReviewsLow Carbohydrate Content

A dog with diabetes needs a food that has a low carbohydrate content and a high protein content. This ensures that the food has a low glycemic index, which helps keep your dog’s sugar and insulin levels on an even keel. In this instance, canned or wet foods may be better for your dog than dry kibble. While kibble provides several benefits for dogs, kibble also typically has a higher carbohydrate content than canned foods. For more information on your dog’s current food, to check out any foods that you are considering for your dog, or to get information on dietary considerations for dogs with diabetes, you can visit DogFoodAdvisor online or speak with your dog’s veterinarian.


With the blessing of your dog’s vet, you should consider adding a dietary supplement to your dog’s routine, to compensate for any vitamins or nutrients that he doesn’t get from his food. Choose a supplement that is made of the highest quality human-grade ingredients. You should also choose a supplement that is manufactured in the United States. One supplement that is great for dogs with diabetes is NuVet Plus. For more information on NuVet Plus, including a list of NuVet ingredients, NuVet Reviews and real-life stories from dog parents like you, visit us online. You can also place an order for the right supplement for your pet’s needs. Your pet deserves the best you can provide, and NuVet Labs can help you do that – no matter your pet’s needs or your budget.


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Helping Dogs Feel and Act Young Again

Your beloved dog will age more quickly than you. For every year of your human life, your dog ages approximately seven years. This means that your playful puppy may become a couch potato in a few short years, unless you keep it stimulated with plenty of exercise and provide it with a nutritional diet. However, even if you feed your dog the most expensive pet food with the highest quality ingredients, your pet’s nutritional requirements still are not being met. Supplement products, such as NuVet Plus, provide you with a ability to fill in the nutritional gaps in your pet’s diet and give your dog all of the vitamins, minerals and antioxidant necessary for a balanced and complete diet.

NuVet Reviews

How Does NuVet Improve Energy Levels in Dogs?

·       NuVet Plus contains valuable ingredients that have been proven to increase energy levels in pets. For instance, one of the main ingredients in this supplement is 100 percent pure chicken liver. This ingredient contains vitamins A and C, as well as the essential B-complex vitamins. It is filled with beneficial omega fatty acids as well. Chicken liver has long been known to help increase energy levels in dogs. Other energy boosting ingredients in this product include copper, iron and magnesium, to name a few.

·       NuVet products are designed to boost your pet’s immune system, which means that it will feel healthy and energized on any given day. When your dog’s immune system is strong, it can fight off disease and infection with ease. When your dog feels its best at all times, it will be more motivated to exercise and play with vigor.

·       NuVet helps dogs to maintain a healthy weight, which allows your pet to enjoy an active lifestyle. Many dogs quickly and easily become overweight, which makes them feel lazy and lethargic. NuVet Plus helps improve your dog’s digestive system so that it can maintain a healthy weight and enjoy more hours of fun in the sun with you.

Pet parents who are interested in seeing their dog get up from the couch and start playing outside again may want to talk to their veterinarian about the benefits that products such as NuVet Plus and NuJoint Plus can offer. In addition, interested pet guardians should check out the NuVet Reviews page to read testimonials from other dog lovers who have found these products have worked like a charm for their pets. There are countless stories of dogs being reinvigorated and rejuvenated after just a few short weeks of taking these supplement products — perhaps your dog’s tale can be the next success story. Just go through NuVet Reviews  page.

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NuVet Reviews: Dogs are People Too

Technically speaking, dogs are considered animals, and for years humans have kept dogs not just as companions but as personal property. However, science is now beginning to uncover just how complex the minds of dogs are — proving that in many respects, dogs are very similar to humans in the way that they experience thoughts and emotions. Scientists, researchers, and animal rights activists alike are working toward improving the quality of life for dogs by showing that dogs have emotions, preferences, and feelings too.

NuVet Plus Reviews

Dogs are People Too

·       Researchers have been working to train a small group of dogs to become comfortable with an M.R.I. scanner. This scanner will map a dog’s brain and provide the scientists with valuable information about the way that the dog thinks and feels.

·       The dogs that are participating in this study are treated as if they are human volunteers. They can go into the scanner device, but choose to leave whenever they want. They are not sedated or restrained at any point of the study.

·       The researchers who are working to train the dogs made it a point to only use positive reinforcement while training the dogs to use the scanning equipment. They make the dogs feel as comfortable as possible, and protect the dogs from the loud sounds that are emitted from the scanner.

·       Eventually, the 12 dogs that were being trained would choose to go the M.R.I. scanner and stay still for 30 seconds, allowing the machine to perform the scan.

·       Initial results of this study show that dogs experience distinct emotions when it comes to food and humans that they are familiar with. These preliminary findings show that dogs are more complex than we realize, and they have feelings just like humans.

Pet parents should always remember to treat their dogs as if they are a member of their own family. Positive reinforcement, praise and love will let your dog know that you love it unconditionally just as it loves you. In order to provide your pet with the best quality of life, consider adding a nutritional supplement to its diet. NuVet Plus is a pet nutritional supplement that is designed to meet all of your pet’s nutritional requirements. To find out if NuVet Plus Reviews is the right choice for your dog, read the NuVet Reviews page for honest, reliable feedback from other pet parents who use this product.

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NuVet Labs Reviews – Why Dogs Do Strange Things

In addition to their loyal companionship, dogs provide hours of entertainment you’d have to pay good money for if it came out of Hollywood. Some of it is evolutionary in cause and other behaviors, often the more disturbing ones, may signal a health issue.

NuVet Labs reviewsBedtime Rituals

Your dog circles multiple times before lying down to nap or sleep for the night. Is he making sure no one’s following him? Checking that his tail is still there? Actually, this is one of those “in the DNA” behaviours, as it is mentioned in NuVet Labs Reviews posted by experts. In the wild, dogs not only flattened the grass before lying in it for comfort, it also allowed them to make sure no creepy crawlers were around. Your domesticated dog with an indoor lush bed made just for him simply does it because of genetics.

Similarly, if your dog seems to dig into his bedding each night before settling down, this is an evolutionary leftover from their wild ancestors who would dig to a covered layer of earth for a cooler bed. Some did it to mark territory with the sweat glands in their paws.

Lots of Sniffing Going On

It has to be said: dogs sniff each others’ behinds like humans shake hands. It’s a way of getting to know another dog. With their heightened sense of smell, dogs can learn quite a lot from a good sniff, including the gender, diet, overall health, and even the dog’s current state of mind.

Dogs also take their time sniffing the ground before they decide to urinate. Again, because of their incredible ability to smell, dogs use urination as a means of communicating. They are taking in the scents left by other animals and may even be searching for a “clean” spot to leave their own mark and make a statement.

Eating Habits

No one wants to admit that their dog eats poop, but there are several sane explanations for the behaviour, which are mentioned in NuVet Labs reviews. Evolutionarily, dogs ate feces to eliminate their scent from predators. Domestic dogs may do it out of boredom, to keep their living area clean or because of nutritional deficiencies. Contact your veterinarian if you’re concerned about this behavior in your dog.

Grass eating is believed to help a dog vomit when he feels nauseous. Some believe dogs just like the taste and vomit if they overindulge. It’s harmless unless your dog is exhibiting other signs of illness at the same time. Then it’s time to see the vet.


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NuVet Plus Reviews – Natural Insect Repellant and Sunscreen for Dogs

Dogs of all shapes and sizes love to spend time outdoors running, romping and lazing in the sun. While these moments in the fresh air with your pet are surely wonderful, you need to remember that your dog also is being exposed to the elements at the same time. Mosquitoes and other insects may find themselves attracted to your dog’s skin, and insect bites can cause itching and even infections in your dog. The sun’s powerful rays also may penetrate through to your dog’s skin and cause a sunburn, which can be damaging to your dog’s health and uncomfortable for your pet to deal with after the fact. However, many pet parents don’t even realize that there are natural preventative measures they can take in order to protect their dog outdoors.


NuVet Plus reviews


What Natural Products Can Be Used as an Insect Repellant for Dogs?


Lemon is one of the most effective insect repellants for dogs, and best of all it is completely safe for your four-legged friend. To apply, simply cut a lemon in half and rub it on your dog’s skin. Be careful when applying the lemon to your dog, and avoid sensitive areas around the eyes, nose and any open cuts in the skin.


What Natural Products Can Be Used as Sunscreen for Dogs?

To provide your dog with natural sun protection, you may want to consider altering your pet’s diet. Foods with lycopene, such as tomato or bell peppers, can act as a natural sunscreen for your pet. Carrots are filled with beta-carotene, which also is beneficial when it comes to sun protection. Add in some fresh berries, which have polyphenols in them, and your dog will be ready for a day at the beach.


Note that many natural nutrients that are beneficial to your dog’s health can be found in the powerful nutritional supplement NuVet Plus. NuVet Plus is like a multivitamin for your pet, and it fills in the nutritional gaps that are left behind by your dog’s pet food. It contains all-natural ingredients that are designed to boost your dog’s immune system and protect its health in the future. The beta carotene, Brewer’s Yeast, and other natural ingredients in NuVet Plus have multiple benefits, including sun protection and protection from bug bites. To find out more information about NuVet Plus, visit the NuVet Plus reviews page. There you will find honest feedback about this product from other pet parents who have incorporated it into their own dogs’ diets.

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